Facebook, Twitter, and Hunter Biden

Almost since the day President Trump took office, we have been repeatedly subjected to conspiracy theories involving collision between the President and various parties: Russians, Ukrainians, and aliens from the planet Zotar.

These accusations have never been substantiated. And yet, CNN, Facebook, and Twitter consistently treated them as hard news.

We are less than 3 weeks from Election Day. It is no secret that the social media giants and the mainstream media are very much in Joe Biden’s camp.

Today evidence came to light that may prove Joe Biden acted on behalf of his his ne’er-do-well son, Hunter, in securing a lucrative contract with the Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma. Hunter Biden, who was drummed out of the US Naval Reserve for drug abuse, received compensation of $83,000 per month from Burisma while Joe Biden was a sitting Vice President of the United States.

This is information which, if substantiated, could turn the tide of the election.

Facebook and Twitter are actively suppressing the story on their platforms. CNN, meanwhile, is simply ignoring it. (CNN has long since lost any claim to being an objective source of news. The network is basically the unofficial media arm of the Democratic Party.)

After 4 years of an “anything goes” approach to anti-Trump rumors and half-truths, these large media and tech companies are colluding to suppress information that could prove disastrous for Joe Biden.

Senator Josh Hawley is demanding answers from Facebook and Twitter—as we all should.

Facebook and Twitter are private companies. As a private companies, they have every right to be politically biased.

But both social media firms should disclose these biases openly and honestly, and drop the pretense of being  apolitical conduits for grassroots communications. Then everyone else can decide if Facebook and Twitter are still platforms worth their engagement.