Ed’s Guides

Welcome to my guides page!

What you’ll find on this page are documents that are a bit meatier and comprehensive than ordinary blog posts, but can’t really be classified as  books. 

Many of these guides are lists/descriptions of resources created by other people, that I admire, or want to give a shout-out to, for one reason or another. 

Other guides consist of my “brain dumps” on various topics.

For example, I have a lot to say about coin collecting, fishing, coffee, and fitness…to a point. I wouldn’t presume to write a book about any of these topics. But I have enough knowledge to make a worthwhile online guide. 

In keeping with my practice of “live writing”, many of these guides will grow over time. So this would be a good page to bookmark and revisit.

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Ed’s Web Fiction Guide: Other places on the Internet where you can read fiction for free!

Resources for Writers: Indie writer gurus, how-to websites and podcasts, books and course for writers….all vetted by yours truly!

Best Rock Albums of the 1980s: This one is kind of fun: my picks of the best rock albums from the decade of Reagan, big hair, and boom boxes!

Book, movie, and television reviews: My picks, pans and commentary.