Disclaimers, comments, and privacy

Edward Trimnell Books is here for your entertainment. I want you to have fun here! That said, there are a few serious matters I should briefly mention. Read on.

Editorial content (general)

This is not a “political” site. Most of the content here is apolitical in nature.

Nevertheless, these are political times, and I do sometimes comment on political issues and current events. Some of the content is therefore editorial in nature. As a result, you may occasionally disagree with something you read here.

That’s fine. You don’t have to agree with me. But please keep the following in mind before flipping out:

1.) This is a personal website.

This is not CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or Voice of America. When I write an opinion piece, I try to strike a tone that simulates two people talking at the office water cooler, or over the picket fence. I’m not setting national policy here. I’m one person giving one person’s opinions. That’s all.

Some essayist—I believe it was Joseph Epstein—pointed out that the writer’s job is to interpret the world, not change the world. That’s all I’m doing here: interpreting the world as I see it. 

2.) This site is not affiliated with any political party or “movement”.

Following from item #1 above: This is neither a Republican website nor a Democratic website. I’m not part of the “alt right”, the “alt left”, or any other online political movement. I am neither a “feminist” nor a “men’s rights advocate”.

I have many, many flaws. But one thing I’ve never been is a joiner. I’m me, with my opinions and observations. No more, no less. 

3.) My views tend to lean conservative and centrist.

Do you have a big idea for a revolution? I am always very skeptical of the person who claims to have a simple answer for a complex problem. Most complex problems are complex for multiple reasons.

Do you advocate the exclusion of an entire group of people from our pluralistic society? Or, alternatively, do you want to make a particular group our new overlords, to make up for past injustices? You’ve come to the wrong place. I have very little interest in (or patience for) the balkanizing identity politics that have consumed so much public attention and political capital in recent years.

Are you hoping to enlist me in your new online movement or campaign? Reread #2 above, please.

4.) I don’t go out of my way to offend anyone here.

This site contains no hate speech, epithets, etc. While I am against certain ideas, I am not against any people (within reasonable limits, of course).

That said, I’m a man of the twentieth century, not this one. I speak plainly, without mincing words.

5.) I liberally employ satire and hyperbole.

What this basically means is that not every word of every blog post should be taken literally. Generally, this distinction should be obvious from the tone.

As a corollary: I occasionally vent here, as many people would in a conversational setting.

I repeat: This is a personal website. The editorial content here is my opinion.

6.) You’re here of your own free will.

I hope you find the content here interesting and/or entertaining. All are welcome. But if the content here makes you angry, and you keep coming back  (and getting angrier as a result), that’s your problem, not mine. 

References to public figures, bloggers, social media personalities, etc.

Editorial content sometimes means commenting on what specific individuals have written, said, or done.

That includes politicians, celebrities, and other “household” names. But it also includes bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers.

This is my rule: If it’s on the public Internet, in such a way that anyone is free to read/watch/hear it, then it’s fair game. If it involves an incident widely reported in the media, then it’s fair game.

As a general rule, I will never attempt to draw attention here to people who aren’t actually looking for attention themselves. Anyone blogging, tweeting, YouTubing, or posting on Instagram is looking for attention, because that’s on the public Internet.

This goes both ways, of course. I’m also on the public Internet, and I have no basis for complaint when someone publicly criticizes something I write here.

Comments policy

Comments are enabled on most daily posts as of August 7, 2020. The following rules and procedures apply:

1.) Spirited debate is encouraged.

You are welcome to disagree with any editorial content here. I am opinionated, and your opinions may differ from mine.

2.) That said, this isn’t Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit.

This is my website, the virtual equivalent of my living room. I therefore reserve the unapologetic and unilateral right to remove any comment that I deem gratuitously profane or abusive, spammy, or off-topic.

3.) I have zero tolerance for spam.

All comments with external links automatically go into the moderation queue. If your only purpose in commenting here is to create a backlink to another site, that will be readily apparent to me, and I’ll delete the comment. So please, don’t waste my time and yours.

4.) Comments on most posts close after 2 days.

This is strictly for administrative purposes. Spambots and human spammers alike are known to attack old comments threads.


I have no interest in collecting any information about you. I don’t care who you are, where you live, or which sites you visit after you leave my site. Your life and your online activities are none of my business.

My advertisers and traffic monitoring service (Google Analytics) do collect routine and anonymous information about users of the site. This is the same as it is across 99.99% of the Internet.

Your computer/web browser may also record your visit here. If that is a concern, you should clear your cookies and web history on a regular schedule.

Again, nothing unusual going on. That is the same with any site you visit.