“Dear young people, don’t vote”

Several leftwing organizations are behind these two videos: “Dear Young People, Don’t Vote”, from 2018 and—just in time for 2020—“Dear Young People, Don’t Vote, 2.0.”

On purely technical merits, I have to give both of these videos props. This is reverse psychology at its best: How better to convince the social media-, app-obsessed generation to vote, than to parade a series of gloating Baby Boomers to shame them into doing so?

The septuagenarian and octogenarian actors don’t depict liberal Baby Boomers, of course. No, these are elder boogymen and boogywomen straight from the collective imaginations of leftwing Twitter and Daily Kos.

Notice that all of the actors are not only older—but also white. The objective here is to stoke both generational and racial divides. Nothing terribly subtle about this. These are stereotypical greedy old white people who exist in an ideological vacuum. They don’t care about climate change because they’ll “be dead soon”. This also means that they don’t have grandchildren—which most Baby Boomers actually do.

The video also assumes, of course, that any young person who might vote has drunk the Kool Aid of the Democratic Party. No Trump voters under 40, in the little imagined universe of these two video clips.

But the real world is more complicated than that. Some of the most Trump-deranged individuals I know are senior citizens. Meanwhile, I also know some “MAGA Millennials”—and not just one or two.

The actors in the video talk about “winning World Wars”. No one under the age of 92 in 2020 has fought in a World War. The people in these videos are older, but they aren’t that old. Likewise, one of the gentlemen claims to have voted during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. He would have to be over the age of 120.

The “Hey, Boomer,” meme notwithstanding, Baby Boomers aren’t uniformly conservative, any more than young people are uniformly liberal. Many Baby Boomers were among the original hippies, let us not forget. And no Baby Boomer bore arms in World War II—that was their parents’ generation.