Dean Obeidallah and Elon Musk Derangement Syndrome

Dean Obeidallah, a far-left ideologue whose op-eds frequently appear on the websites of CNN and MSNBC, has joined the crowd of the Elon Musk-obsessed. 

Obeidallah is not alone, of course. Since the South African-born billionaire first announced his intentions to acquire Twitter earlier this year, Musk has become the bête noire of a certain kind of person who needs to get out of the house more often. This might signify a new neurosis for our time: Elon Musk Derangement Syndrome.

Dean Obeidallah, who apparently has a law degree, is now promising his Twitter followers that he will “do research” to determine if Musk “in any way lied on his application for US citizenship”.

I somehow doubt that Dean Obeidallah’s Google searches will come up with a smoking gun that was overlooked by Elon Musk’s highly paid legal team. But in times like these, a man needs a hobby. 

There is another word for this sort of antic, by the way: grasping at straws.

And what’s the endgame here, anyway?As someone with vaguely conservative views, I’m not doing giddy backflips over Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last week. I have little interest in Twitter, and that didn’t change when Elon Musk became the new boss. 

As I wrote on October 28, the format of Twitter has always made it the least useful of social media platforms. I don’t expect that to change much just because it’s now under new management. Nor do I think that Elon Musk will have an easy time making Twitter consistently profitable.  

Elon Musk, in short, has enough problems without Dean Obeidallah adding to them. Not that Musk is likely to take much notice of Obeidallah’s flailing about.