Dean Koontz and COVID-19

Dean Koontz has been an incredibly prolific writer. There are now people saying that he is also a prophetic one.

Ok, this is weird….

Koontz’s 1981 novel, The Eyes of Darkness, apparently describes a “pneumonia-like illness” called “Wuhan 400” that will “spread throughout the globe” in 2020, per the above pages.

(Note: I saw this in my Facebook feed. I have read several of Dean Koontz’s books, but not this one. So I’m assuming that the pages photographed above are authentic.)

I’m going to call this a coincidence. But I’m also going to call it a very odd series of coincidences: A nearly forty-year-old novel predicting a global pulmonary disease that originates in Wuhan China in 2020 is arguably just a few too many coincidences for comfort. 

No wonder this all-but-forgotten Reagan-era book is now a bestseller on Amazon.