COVID-19 modeling wars

There seems to be no real consensus among experts regarding the COVID-19 models that were used to justify nationwide lockdowns in the United States and Britain:

Imperial College model Britain used to justify lockdown a ‘buggy mess’, ‘total unreliable’, experts claim

I repeat: This doesn’t make the coronavirus a “hoax”. COVID-19 is a very real virus that is harmless, moderately serious, or fatal, depending on the individual. 

The lesson here is not that we should have done nothing. The lesson is that since the lockdowns were implemented at the state level, anyway (in the United States, at least), there should have been more due process. 

What happened, though, was that a few people at the top in each state made carte blanche decisions to shut down the entire economy for 2~3 months (depending on the state). 

That should never be allowed to happen again, not without legislative oversight and judicial hearings.

Due process, in other words.