‘Complicit’: a cerebral spy drama

A British MI5 agent must foil a terrorist plot before it’s too late.

Pitted against him is a dedicated British-Egyptian Islamist group. But he must also overcome unhelpful  superiors, institutional cynicism, and endless red tape.

That’s the setup for the Channel 4 television film, Complicit, starring David Oyelowo.

This is one of the best spy/espionage movies I’ve seen in a while. A warning, though: this is not a James Bond movie with endless car chases, gun battles, and explosions. The suspense here is more situational and cerebral, as a lone intelligence agent struggles against the odds to avert a catastrophe.

Complicit is full of memorable characters (on both sides of the law), sharp dialogue, and an evolving mystery. The ending (small spoiler alert) is ambiguous, like a typical John le Carré story.

If I had to put this one in a nutshell, in fact, I would say that Complicit is a better version of a John le Carré story.