Coming-of-age horror from the 1970s


Steve Wagner assumed that the summer of 1976 was going to be carefree. The 17-year-old wants nothing more than to spend his last summer of high school driving his new car (a ’68 Pontiac Bonneville) and working his part-time job at McDonald’s.

Oh, and Steve has a new romantic interest: the beautiful and strong-willed Diane Parker.

But early in June, there are signs that this will be no ordinary summer:

Young people are going missing in Steve’s neighborhood. 

There are mysterious hoofbeats on the road at night. 

Then Steve has a close encounter with the Headless Horseman, the vengeful Hessian officer who was beheaded at the Battle of White Plains in 1776.

And the Headless Horseman has brought other revolutionary ghosts with him. 

They all seek revenge on random American victims in this Bicentennial summer. 

As the supernatural forces target Steve’s inner circle, he is forced to confront the unimaginable. 

If Steve fails, both he and everyone he loves will meet grisly deaths before summer’s end!