CNN’s “Can you believe what Fox News said?” mode

Fox News dumps coronavirus coverage for anti-Obama conspiracy theory

CNN has embraced a narrative: That Donald Trump brought on the COVID-19 pandemic, and that Donald Trump is personally responsible for every American death (and probably every non-American death, too!) from coronavirus. 

Therefore, you really ought to vote for Joe Biden in November, right?

At the same time, it has emerged that Barack Obama may have been personally involved in some deep-state style political espionage against candidate Trump in 2016. For certainly members of his administration were.

This suggests that Barack Obama abused his powers as POTUS. It also highlights the partisan nature of the Russia-Trump collusion hoax that consumed so much time, money, and public attention in 2017 and 2018.

Also, there are videos like the one above, which show that President Obama did his share of kowtowing to the Ruskies while in office.

CNN does not want to talk about any of that. Therefore, the network will continue to ignore or dismiss Obama’s misdeeds. Any reporting of Obama’s misdeeds will be labeled “conspiracy theory”. 

Meanwhile, CNN will continue to find new coronavirus headlines every day, every hour—and as many as they possibly can.

Why? CNN has become the unofficial media wing of the Democratic Party. Their only chance of electing Joe Biden—a historically weak candidate for either major party—is to sell the narrative that Donald Trump WANTS AMERICANS TO DIE. 


I’m not going to outright dismiss coronavirus coverage as “fear porn”….not quite. COVID-19 is a real health threat. But CNN’s all-consuming obsession with coronavirus, and its determination to spin every COVID-19 story as a negative story about Donald Trump, reveals the network’s true intentions. 

As November approaches, listen to all news with a critical ear….but especially news from CNN. CNN doesn’t report anything nowadays without a partisan spin.