BLM blocks highway to celebrate Biden’s imminent inauguration

Get a life, kids.

The Evil Orange Man will be gone in a matter of hours. The Democrats have a majority in the Congress, as well as control of the White House. Our new vice president will be a politically left-leaning woman of color.

The radical left is appeased.


Guess again. Yesterday BLM “protesters” blocked a highway in Seattle, shutting down traffic for hours.

Andy Ngo, tireless documentarian of leftwing moonbattery, will have no shortage of material after Biden takes office.

What were they protesting, pray tell? Perhaps the position of the moon around the third planet in the Alpha Centauri star system. Do they even bother to cite reasons anymore?

Those of you who thought that the banishment of Trump and the elevation of Biden would end the BLM/antifa shenanigans….guess again. You’re going to very quickly find out that this will be “same sh*t, different day” after January 20th.

Donald Trump, remember, was just an excuse. So was the unfortunate case of George Floyd.

The radical left really has only one goal: the nihilistic destruction of our civilization. The sooner we realize that and deal with them accordingly, the better.

Mark my words: within the year, they’ll be calling Joe Biden a fascist, too.

Loews Hotels cancels Josh Hawley, too

First Simon & Schuster reneged on Hawley’s book contract. Now Loews Hotels has broken a contract with Josh Hawley, too, succumbing to mob politics, and the fear of coordinated mob actions.

Hawley had a February fundraising event scheduled at a Loews Hotels location in Orlando. Then a left-leaning Florida attorney, Daniel Uhlfelder, got wind of it and decided to incite an Internet mob. Uhlfelder turned to the  cesspool known as Twitter. Twitter, as most of us know, breeds Internet mobs like your shower curtain breeds mold.

It didn’t take long. The management at Loews Hotels quickly caved, and declared themselves in breach of their contractual obligations to Hawley.

What to make of all this? Democratic Party politicians and attention-whoring attorneys are going to do what they’re going to do. No mystery there.

Likewise, the publishing industry is mostly inhabited by people who discovered, lo and behold, that there are only so many ways to make a living with a degree in English literature. Publishing industry insiders lean left; and that has been the case for decades.

But what about corporate executives outside of publishing—those in “real” industries?

I speak from experience and direct observation here. What corporate executives most care about, at the end of the day, is making money. They all know that in most cases, mobs and agitators can interfere with business. An occasional controversy may rejuvenate the career of an actor or a rock star. A car company or a restaurant chain, not so much.

As some of you may know, I worked at Toyota (on the corporate side) for about 15 years. During that time, I sat in on numerous meetings regarding various “corporate citizenship” programs. At the end of the day, these initiatives are all about marketing, not substance.

Let me give you a concrete example: corporate diversity sourcing initiatives.

Every company under the sun is now touting its use of minority-owned suppliers. You’re thinking: big companies making purchases from minority-owned, “mom and pop” businesses in the Bronx, or southern Louisiana. Isn’t that nice?

Guess again. What it really means is: A wealthy minority businessperson (usually a businessman) forms a shell company. He agrees to serve as the agent, or distributor, for businesses that aren’t minority-owned.

The larger company does business directly with the shell company owned by the minority businessman (who is already a millionaire, in most cases). The millionaire owner of the shell company takes a healthy cut off the top. The larger company tells consumers and shareholders about the wonders of its minority supplier outreach program!

It’s all a big PR game, essentially. Ditto for corporate responses to leftwing mob actions, like the ones that are tripping up Josh Hawley of late.

Toyota, while I was there, was no den of leftwing communists and anarchists. On the contrary, it was a conservative Japanese company, with American managers from the Midwest, who also leaned conservative.

Toyota, though, had several run-ins with the leftwing mob. In 2001, Jesse Jackson shook Toyota down over a RAV4 ad. Toyota had intended the ad to be “hip”, and appealing to younger, more diverse consumers. Jackson spun the ad as “racist”. This made no sense, as Toyota’s explicit aim was to appeal to minority consumers—not insult them.

Jackson threatened a boycott, and Toyota paid homage (and wrote some large checks) to Jesse Jackson’s shakedown racket, aka the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. The problem went away. It was basically like paying off the mafia.

And Loews Hotels is paying off the mafia, too—the mafia of Daniel Uhlfelder, and whatever mob he is capable of stirring up online. For all we know, the management of Loews Hotels may be conservative by inclination, as well. But they don’t want to remain the object of Daniel Uhlfelder’s venal, self-serving smear campaign.

I understand how corporate executives can be tempted to give in to such pressure. Toyota’s run-in with the money-grubbing Jesse Jackson made the company hyper-cautious for years about anything involving race. For companies that sell to the retail market, the potential downsides of being targeted by the mob are simply too great.

But yielding to the whims of mobs, time and again, has a cumulative cost. This doesn’t just mean Toyota writing checks to Jesse Jackson, or Loews Hotels canceling a contract with Josh Hawley that would have benefited both parties. When leftwing mobs are given carte blanche (as happened over the summer, with the Black Lives Matter riots), rightwing mobs will eventually decide to employ the same tactics. That’s what we discovered on January 6th.

It’s a bad way for a free society to function—or rather, not function.

This will likely be a trend for the foreseeable future, though, especially with the Democrats in control of our government. Conservative speakers and Republican events will be “canceled” at the instigation of howling mobs and unscrupulous agitators like Daniel Uhlfelder. There will be backlashes and counter-backlashes.

Like I said, it’s a bad way for a free society to function.

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Amazon’s case for banning Parler

I’ve written a lot in recent days about free speech and censorship.

We don’t censor opposing viewpoints here. We address them.

Here is the other side:

Amazon Court Filing Slams Parler For Posts Inciting, Planning “Rape, Torture And Assassination Of Public Officials, Private Citizens”

“AWS reported to Parler, over many weeks, dozens of examples of content that encouraged violence, including calls to hang public officials, kill Black and Jewish people, and shoot police officers in the head … Parler systematically failed to “suspend access” to this content, much less to do so immediately, and demonstrated that it has no effective process in place to ensure future compliance. Parler itself has admitted it has a backlog of 26,000 reports of content that violates its (minimal) community standards that it had not yet reviewed. Parler’s own failures left AWS little choice but to suspend Parler’s account.”


Social media is a cesspool. That’s why I avoid it like the plague…as should you.

I have no doubt that Parler was as much of a cesspool as the rest of them, with the caveat that Parler’s cesspool was more conservative and right-leaning. (FWIW, when I was on Twitter, I saw threats of violence everyday.)

It sounds like Parler was woefully understaffed, which explains the backlog of 26,000 reports.


“Supporters of reluctantly outgoing President Donald Trump laid violent siege to the Capitol building last Wednesday. Five people died. By the end of the week, Twitter had permanently banned Trump’s account and Facebook blocked him indefinitely. Trump supporters turned even more heavily to Parler, which AWS stopped supporting on Monday.”


I’ve repeatedly stated on this blog that I disapprove of all political violence, and encourage everyone, on all sides, to work out their differences peacefully. 

That goes for those who support Trump, and those who oppose him.

My main problem with Amazon here is the company’s lack of consistency. Amazon, going all the way up to Jeff Bezos, offered very vocal support of BLM this past summer, despite the ongoing violence….in which far more than five people died. For several weeks, Amazon went so far as to post a message of support for BLM on its homepage.

From late May through September, our media, government, and corporate elites sent the message: if you believe your cause is just, then the ends justify the means.

This is a dangerous concept, because that always comes down to a certain degree of subjectivity. Many supporters of BLM no doubt believed that their cause was just. So did many diehard Trump supporters who believed (whether rightly or wrongly) that the 2020 election had been stolen.

Amazon can’t tacitly support public rioting when the rioters are associated with BLM, and then suddenly become the corporate champion of law and order when the rioters are Republicans and Trump supporters. You either oppose rioting, or you don’t.

Likewise, two wrongs do not make a right. But over the summer we lowered our standards in regard to the degree of public political violence that we would tolerate. This doubtless gave the January 6 rioters a sense of license. Some of them no doubt figured: if BLM could loot, burn, and break stuff, why couldn’t they?

Amazon makes some valid points in its rebuttal. But where was the company’s abhorrence of public violence and rioting last June?

The small minds of Harvard

As we discussed in a post a few days ago, nothing so hampers a young mind as enrollment at one of our Ivy League institutions, where pointy heads and ideological conformity abound. Your child would likely receive a better education at your local community college in Podunk, Iowa or Cowpen, Indiana.

Here we see yet further proof:

Harvard Students Launch Petition to Revoke Degrees of Trump Supporters in Government

The petition reads, in part:

“Harvard must revoke the degrees of alumni whose incendiary language and subversion of democratic processes–rooted in a history of white supremacist voter suppression–incited the violent insurrection on January 6.”

Blah, blah, blah.

To be clear: I’ve repeatedly expressed my disapproval in this space of the January 6 actions at the US Capitol. It was wrong. It shouldn’t have happened. Those who committed acts of violence and/or vandalism should be punished according to the law.

But the January 6 riot was not a “white supremacist voter suppression” conspiracy. One yahoo with a Confederate flag does not a “white supremacist voter suppression” make.

No one was voting that day in the capitol, anyway. There were no votes to suppress.

An idiot? Yes. A “white supremacist voter suppression”? No. (Look up the word “hyperbole”, kids.)

Nor can we accurately say that President Trump, or anyone else in government, “incited” the riot.

First of all, President Trump didn’t order anyone to riot. Secondly, President Trump has no direct authority over anyone who isn’t in his chain of command, including his supporters.

I’ve been voting Republican since 1988. President Trump has zero direct authority over me. If I decide to run naked down my street, that has nothing to do with President Trump.

Nor would it be an act of “white supremacist voter suppression”. (Though it would shock and disgust all of my neighbors, regardless of their race or ethnicity.)


Punish the rioters. Beef up security at the inauguration next Wednesday. Those are reasonable steps.

And they’re doing that. The FBI is currently pursuing the January 6 rioters as if each one of them were a combination of Osama Bin Laden and Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, Washington DC looks like Pyongyang now, a national capital with no citizens, only security forces.

But these fanatics on the far left—from AOC to the nitwits at Harvard—are going to use this as a pretext for endless bans, purges, and cancellations.

They’re going to get as much mileage from this as they possibly can.

Take the reasonable steps in the aftermath of the riot, as outlined above.

Then move the heck on. Just like you did after the summer-long BLM riots.

Reeducation camp proposal

What could possibly go wrong?

Over at Daily Kos (aka, Moonbat Central), a contributor has come right out and proposed “reeducation camps”:

“Judges in the upcoming insurrectionist trials could be allowed to offer alternatives: longer sentences in prison or shorter re-education sentences in special camps, possibly organized on old military installations.

The re-education camps would require sincere participation in discussion groups and media viewing of “truth in America” indoctrination. A month of re-education will deprogram most insurrectionists. Failure to reprogram sincerely would result in reversion to the traditional prison sentence.”

How about let’s not. How about we punish rioters, insurrectionists—whatever you want to call them—according to the law and their crimes. This should apply equally to BLM rioters, and the rioters who stormed the US Capitol on January 6.

But what did the loons over at Daily Kos have to say about the BLM riots of the past summer, which resulted in widespread death, theft, and mayhem?

Well, this graphic from the Daily Kos website should give you an indication:

You’re either consistently for law and order, or you’re not. The fanatics over at Daily Kos are saying, “Well, it depends…Is there a race angle?”

But let’s get back to that “reeducation camp” thing: Of course the January 6 rioters would be only the trial lot. By the end of Biden’s first year in office, they’d be rounding up former Parler users for camps run by the new American Ministry of Truth. 

If we aren’t careful, Biden’s America may end up looking a lot like Saigon after the fall of South Vietnam. There were lots of reeducation camps there, too. 

And these folks already have at least one ally in Congress:

AOC: “Ve have vays of making you talk.”

Why Trump supporters should *not* attend Inauguration Day public protests

Well, the weekend is coming up.

And Inauguration Day is next Wednesday.

You might be thinking about attending a public protest event, or maybe even organizing one yourself.

I’m going to suggest that you not do that. Let me tell you why.

One of the points I’ve frequently made in this space is that nothing good comes, in the twenty-first century, from mass public protests. This is an overused and overly romanticized tactic from the 1960s, that cesspool of American decades.

Here’s why the mass public protest is almost always a bad idea in 2021:

1.) Things spin out of control

In our current political environment, public protests almost always get out of hand. We’ve seen this on both sides. Some of the previous summer’s BLM protests no doubt began peacefully. But before long, they were looting stores, burning buildings, and assaulting people.

Likewise, the events at the US Capitol on January 6 began as a peaceful protest against election fraud. We all know how that ended.

Then there is the constant threat of the opposition showing up, and goading someone on your side into a fight. This is one of Antifa’s favorite tactics.

2.) False flags abound

At least one January 6 BLM false flag instigator has already been discovered and arrested. How many more were there? We’ll likely never know.

Far-left Antifa and BLM fanatics would love to see a bloody fracas on Inauguration Day. Ditto for the mainstream media.

That would bolster their narratives about violent pro-Trump and “white supremacist” conspiracies. And that would give the left’s dictators-in-waiting further pretexts to further restrict our speech, our property rights, and other basic freedoms.

3.) We have other options

This isn’t 1968. This is 2021. Why are we relying on tactics from a half-century ago?

In North Dakota, pro-free speech activists are suing Twitter and Facebook for censorship.

A class action lawsuit does a lot more to stop the dictatorial left than a noisy protest ever will.

So does argumentation (as opposed to screaming).

We have the Internet. Previous generations did not. And no—you do not need Facebook or Twitter to make your voice heard on the Internet. You’re reading this, aren’t you? I no longer have a Twitter account, and I’m barely on Facebook. Yet here you are.


According to media reports (and these may originate from false flag sources, too), anti-Biden protests are planned for every state capitol on January 20, Inauguration Day.

Don’t attend. Don’t give the left a chance to create a false flag event. Stay away from those uncontrollable public gatherings, and find more peaceful, constructive ways to make your voice heard.

Remember: The public riot is a far-left tactic. Conservatives do not riot. Supporters of President Donald J. Trump do not riot.

Some of us unfortunately broke that rule on January 6. We need to remember who we are, and who they are. We don’t need to borrow protest tactics from BLM, or from the hippies of the 1960s.

Rioting and public disorder is all they know. We’re supposed to be different.

We are different. And so are you.

Get smart, get creative. Remain peaceful, and obey the law. There are many ways to intelligently and peacefully resist the leftwing monoculture, besides shouting your head off in the public square.

Kevin Seefried, America’s Guy Fawkes

For those of you unfamiliar with British history: Guy Fawkes (1570 – 1606) was one of the English Catholics involved in the foiled Gunpowder Plot that sought to assassinate the Protestant King James in 1605. Every November, the Brits burn Fawkes in effigy on Guy Fawkes Day.

As of yesterday, half of America has its own Guy Fawkes: Kevin Seefried, the man photographed carrying the Confederate flag into the US Capitol last week. News came yesterday of Seefried’s arrest. He’s in a lot of trouble. You wouldn’t want to be him.

Kevin Seefried goes to Washington… No, the South did not rise again…

Guy Fawkes was hanged, drawn, and quartered. Progressive America would no doubt like to do the same to Kevin Seefried.

Drawing and quartering

Make no mistake about it: The incursion into the US Capitol on January 6 was a colossally foolish, pointlessly destructive act—not least because it gave the left a new narrative: that they are saving America from a white supremacist conspiracy.

When, in fact, they’re saving America from this:

Shirtless Buffalo Hat Guy (apprehended)

and this:

Feet on Nancy Pelosi’s Desk Guy (apprehended)

As I’ve written here repeatedly, I disapprove of what took place on January 6. And yes, there should be legal consequences for those who participated. But it was small potatoes compared to the summer-long orgy of looting, burning, and assault that marked the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots of 2020.

Which brings us back to Kevin Seefried. As your second grade teacher hopefully told you: two wrongs don’t make a right. Let Kevin Seefried take his punishment under the law. But let us not forget that the media, Hollywood, and most of the Democratic Party were more than willing to suspend the law for the entire summer of 2020, while hoodlums were burning and looting their way through America’s cities, carte blanche.

Peaceful BLM protests of 2020

Antifa promotes Andy Ngo’s book for free

During the riot season of this past summer, I became aware of Andy Ngo, a youngish independent journalist who covered the thuggish antics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters…er, I mean “peaceful protestors who engaged in arson, looting, and random assaults”.

I occasionally watched Ngo’s videos on Twitter and YouTube. I admired his willingness to walk into screaming crowds of leftwing maniacs with obvious psychological and hygiene issues. This past summer, Ngo showed the destruction in American cities that the mainstream media outlets simply wouldn’t. Kudos to him.

What I didn’t know was that Andy Ngo had written a book, which will come out next month: Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. (You can preorder the book now, if you’d like.)

Like I said, I’d only been tangentially aware of Ngo up to this point. But that all changed, thanks to his opponents.

A group of ungainly, socially maladroit Antifa protesters (is there any other kind?) made a sustained fuss in front of Powell’s Books in Portland recently.

Why? The bookstore was taking preorders of Andy Ngo’s book.

No one ever said the Antifa folks were smart. They figured that the best way to bury Andy Ngo’s book was to…shout about Andy Ngo’s book in the middle of the street. Make sure everyone knows about it! And since Ngo’s book is about “Antifa radicals”, they decided to engage in some promotional street theater, just for him.

The bad news is: Powell’s in Portland did decide to give into pressure from the lunatics, rather than answering them with pepper spray. But that may be the price of doing business in Portland, which has become a magnet for leftwing moonbats in recent years.

But Powell’s is only one bookstore; and with his unpaid street theater Antifa marketing team, word about the book is making the rounds on the Internet.  At the time of this writing, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy is at #4 on Amazon. Hoo-rah.

AT AMAZON: Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy

Like I said, no one ever said these gibbering jackasses were smart. Being totally unoriginal, they’ve decided to condemn Ngo and his book as “Nazi” and “white supremacist”. That’s at least two shades of dumb.

The unintentional humor of Antifa: “Andy Ngo’s book is nazi propaganda”

Andy Ngo, first of all, is Vietnamese. I’ve never heard of a Southeast Asian Nazi or a Vietnamese white supremacist. That sounds like the lead-in to a cornball joke. (“An Asian white supremacist and a rabbi both walk into a bar…”)

Secondly, everyone has seen those images of the actual, historical Nazis burning books. So what do the radical leftists do? They bully a bookstore. Once again, not very bright.

Antifa weren’t the first book burners, and are unlikely to be the last…

Even Democrats like Ted Wheeler have had enough of the Antifa hoodlums. These ding-dongs aren’t motivated by politics. They’re motivated by their own low social status, and their inability to succeed at virtually anything else.

These are the kids (many now well into their thirties) who have been bitter losers their entire lives. Rejection and social dysfunction are written all over their scowling faces, and woven into their blue and pink hair.

These are the boys and girls who were always picked last for everything. They’re mad at themselves, mad at the world, mad at you, and they want to take it out on the nearest convenient target.

This time, the nearest convenient target was a bookstore in Portland, Oregon. Truth be told, they probably don’t even care about Andy Ngo’s book. But focusing attention on Ngo’s book will save them from the far more painful task of focusing on themselves. In addition to providing Andy Ngo with unpaid marketing, they’ve given the rest of us an object lesson in Abnormal Psychology 101.


Note: Before someone sends me an email, I realize that “Antifa” is an idea, not a formal organization.

But “Antifa” is a convenient shorthand for “motley band of unwashed, babbling attention-whores, comprised of effeminate and/or obese men (often with neckbeards), and masculine women whose personalities and social dysfunction provide them with 100% foolproof birth control.”

That would get tedious to write repeatedly. And so we say: “Antifa” instead.

Final tidbit: In this video, Antifa screamers denounce a random Asian man who might be Ngo, but actually isn’t.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lazy “Nazi” metaphor

It is time to retire the Nazis—and the Soviets, for that matter—as catchall political metaphors when trying to explain what ails us.

I have always liked Arnold Schwarzenegger. During the 1980s, when I started lifting weights, Schwarzenegger’s career in bodybuilding was still a recent memory. He was named Mr. Olympia many times—the last time in 1980. In those days, Arnold’s image often graced the pages of Muscle & Fitness magazine, which I read regularly.

And, of course, I recall Schwarzenegger’s moviemaking heyday: I saw the Conan movies, as well as the first Terminator movie, in the cinema during the mid-1980s, when they were the latest things.

After retiring from bodybuilding and acting, Schwarzenegger had yet a third career: in politics. From 2003 to 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor Schwarzenegger, the 38th Governor of California. 

Schwarzenegger’s performance as governor received mixed reviews. But a Republican governor of the People’s Republic of California surely faced an uphill climb from the outset. Schwarzenegger, a moderate, centrist Republican, is well respected by most Americans within the political mainstream. How can anyone not like Arnold?

Schwarzenegger is one of many prominent Republicans who have disdained President Trump since the beginning. This isn’t the place to delve deeply into the “never Trump” movement within the GOP, so we’ll leave it there. But it’s worth mentioning, for what follows.

Schwarzenegger was appalled by last week’s siege of Capitol Hill. This blog did not approve of what transpired last week, either. But there are different ways to parse that which one does not approve of. You can actually analyze the present, or you can be lazy about it, and plagiarize the past.

For the last three generations, the knee-jerk form of condemnation in politics has been to compare a movement or a politician one loathes to “the Nazis”. And that’s where Arnold decided to go.

In a somewhat disjointed—but heartfelt, video that received wide circulation—Schwarzenegger expressed his disapproval of the siege of Capitol Hill that took place on January 6. No problem there.

Then he went on to discuss his own childhood in postwar Austria, and his father’s alcoholism and abuse. He compared the events at Capitol Hill last week to Kristallnacht, and suggested that Trump was the Second Coming of Hitler. (Like no one ever thought of that as a political epithet before!) He also suggested that Trump’s most ardent followers might be Nazi Sturmabteilung in training.

A few points worth mentioning here. First of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger never lived under fascism, Naziism, or Hitler. Born in 1947, he did grow up in postwar Austria at a time when all of Europe was still reeling from the Second World War. He says that his childhood was a difficult one, and I believe him. But Schwarzenegger grew up in the liberal European order, not in Hitler’s Germany, or in Austria under the Anschluss. That’s an important distinction.

Secondly, Kristallnacht. The “Night of the Broken Glass” was not an assault on the German government, or on any public institution—as last week’s Capitol Hill siege arguably was. On the contrary, Kristallnacht was very much a government thing. Kristallnacht was a government-instigated attack on Jewish-owned businesses in Germany in November 1938. So this is a mixed metaphor, and a lazy one, on Schwarzenegger’s part.

If we must find an American equivalent to Kristallnacht, the nearest one in my lifetime occurred in 1992, when black rioters in Los Angeles targeted Korean-owned businesses in that year’s LA race riots. This was even foretold in a rap song called, “Black Korea” (1991) by Ice Cube.

“Black Korea” and black rioters’ subsequent attacks on Korean-owned businesses in Los Angeles, 1992, represented the worst kind of racism. But the media has always been uncomfortable calling out urban violence that doesn’t fit a specific narrative. While African American attacks on Korean-owned businesses in Los Angeles in 1992 were reported, the media did not dwell overmuch on them—either then, or since then.

Speaking of which: Schwarzenegger claims that as a European (who was born after World War II), he knows what can happen when things “spin out of control”. But where was Schwarzenegger’s concern about things “spinning out of control”, when antifa and BLM rioters were burning American cities last summer? And that went on for weeks.

The BLM riots of 2020, with their widespread destruction of private property, were actually much more akin to Kristallnacht, too—just like the attacks on Korean-owned businesses by black rioters in Los Angeles, 1992. But Schwarzenegger will never say that. Nor will any mainstream media journalist.

I’m not suggesting that BLM is the new Nazi Party. That would be just as absurd as Schwarzenegger’s strained and uninformed metaphor. Likewise, elements of Marxism have crept into the leftmost fringe of the Democratic Party in recent years. But you won’t find me seriously comparing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Raphael Warnock to Josef Stalin.


The Nazis loom large in our collective imagination, and not without reason. But it has become all too tempting—and all too facile—to use the Nazis as the political hyperbole of first resort. The same can be said, to a somewhat lesser degree, of Stalin, Mao, and the brutal communist regimes of the twentieth century.

The BLM rioters of 2020, wrong though they were, were neither Stalinists nor Maoists. The Capitol Hill rioters of last week, wrong though they were, were not members of either the Sturmabteilung or the Schutzstaffel.

Neither antisemitism, nor any form of Nazi ideology, was a factor in last week’s events. So why bring up the Nazis? These are apples and oranges, folks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly a decent man. But his video-recorded speech garbles his genuine childhood traumas with a somewhat superficial knowledge of history, and a lazy interpretation of the present.

We don’t live in the twentieth century anymore. Our times are different, and require different explanations and new interpretations. It is time to retire the Nazis—and the Soviets, for that matter—as catchall political metaphors when trying to explain what ails us.

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After the capitol siege: 5 takeaways

And we thought 2021 was going to be calm…

The capitol siege of January 6, 2021 will be one of those events that historians talk about for years to come.

But let’s look at some preliminary takeaways:

1.) I wouldn’t say this was inevitable. But it wasn’t exactly a shocker, either.

About 40% of the American population believes the general election was stolen. Throughout the summer of 2020, the media refused to condemn—or even question—the conduct of BLM and Antifa rioters, often casting them in near saintly terms.

No mainstream media journalist ever suggested, for example, that you can’t justify looting a store in Columbus, Ohio, because a black man was shot by police in Minneapolis. This is especially true if the looters are white, as was often the case with the “Antifa” crowd.

This set the precedent that rioting is okay, if you believe that your cause is just. And everyone who was ever moved to public violence has believed that their cause was just.

2.) Trump didn’t want this.

Trump clearly wanted a boisterous display of support for his cause. Signs and chanting in the streets. There is no evidence that he wanted a takeover of the U.S. Capitol.

But he did seem unsure of how to handle things once the situation spun out of control.

3.) The results of the Georgia runoffs were likely the final trigger.

With the Warnock/Ossof victories, the Democrats will have unfettered control of the executive and legislative branches for the next two years. This made Trump voters even more hostile toward Congress than they already were.

4.) This, too, shall pass.

I’m quite pessimistic about what the Democrats have in store for us—high spending, divisive identity politics, and weakness abroad.

That said, we’ll have another round of midterm elections in two years.

In 2022, the midterm election will be a referendum not on Trump—but on what the Democrats have done with their two years in power. The odds are high that both houses of Congress will flip to the GOP in two years. Free at last!

Nor will this event, in itself, be catastrophic for American democracy. We’ve suffered worse, actually—and not just the British invasion after the Battle of Bladensburg in 1814.

The 9/11attacks, for example. For that matter, this summer’s BLM unrest was no picnic, especially for residents of Portland, Seattle, and NYC.

Today’s events were dramatic—and destructive—but the machinery of governance remains intact.

5.) But…there were no good outcomes here.

This will do nothing to make left-leaning Americans, already bitter after four years of Trump, more eager to seek “common ground”.

On the contrary, your neighbors who have been afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome since 2016 will assume that every other Trump voter participated in today’s unrest—you included.

Finally, a young woman lost her life today—for nothing, really. And leftwing reactions like this add insult to injury:

One Democrat who definitely isn’t in a conciliatory mood…


As I wrote yesterday: the media will automatically condemn every right-of-center political gathering as “white supremacist”. CNN’s reporting is filled with half-truths, innuendos, and outright fabrications, at times. But that’s another issue.

The mass public protest gathering is almost always a counterproductive step, an overly romanticized tactic from the 1960s. It needs to be retired, by right and left alike.

There is too much that can go wrong at these events. Few causes since the Civil Rights era have benefitted from the display of political outrage in the town square.

Just look at what happened over the summer. Look at what happened today.

Conservatives vs. cops? The new normal?

There is much chortling on leftwing Twitter today, as a group of Trump supporters, some apparently associated with the “Proud Boys” organization, clashed overnight with the DC police. Wearing their characteristic perma-smirks, leftwing Twitter users are quipping, “But wait a minute…we thought you loved the police!”

That’s an oversimplification of the situation, of course. The truth is more complicated.

First of all, as I noted yesterday in my post about the Proud Boys, almost nothing can be accomplished in our current environment by mass public protest gatherings. These are generally worse than useless, as they attract false-flag agitators, and people with agendas far removed from that of the original protest. Since the opposition is bound to show up, every public protest gathering now means a street fight, too.

Finally, public protest gatherings create opportunities for “gotcha” moments, like the one in the video clip below.

The truth about the police is also complicated. Most law enforcement officers, as  individuals, lean Republican and conservative. They recognize that the Democratic Party was eager to sell them out last summer during the BLM riots.

That said, the police as an institution are an apparatus of the state. Given the outcomes of the 2020 general election, the Democrats will control the machinery of the state in the near future. This means that on a short-term basis, “the police” will sometimes become a tool of the radical left.

This will put many individual police officers in difficult positions. Some will resign, a courageous few will side with anti-left protestors. Most, though, will act on the police officer’s familiar motto: “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them.” This combination of circumstances will occasionally pit police officers against conservatives who attempt to stand against the Biden regime.

This has happened before. During the first Clinton administration, many conservatives resented the heavy-handed policies of AG Janet Reno. The Waco disaster of 1993 made things even worse. On April 19, 1993, agents from the ATF, the FBI, and the Texas Rangers used armed force to breach the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. At least 82 civilians were killed, many of them children.

Timothy McVeigh (1968 – 2001), who was less conservative than simply antigovernment, blindly lashed out with the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. McVeigh carried out his attack on the two-year anniversary of the federal attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.

McVeigh more than doubled the Waco body count. He killed 168 civilians and injured 680 more.

McVeigh told us that he was fighting for the victims at Waco. But McVeigh’s victims were not armed agents of the “deep state”. They were ordinary Americans who happened to occupy civil service jobs. Others were merely at the federal building that day to take care of tax payments and other routine business. Among McVeigh’s victims were 19 children.

The point is: when tempers flare and people start lashing out blindly, situations can spiral out of control in a heartbeat; and basically good people are tempted to participate in (or wink at) heinous acts that they would otherwise never approve of.

Twenty twenty-one is not 1993, or 1995. The culture war had already begun in the mid-1990s, but it was on low-level simmer, nothing like the full-intensity conflagration we have today. And, of course, in the mid-1990s, there were no cell phone cameras, no Internet as we now know it, no social media.

When you disapprove of something that happens, your first inclination may be, “Hey, let’s organize a public protest!” But that tactic has been over-romanticized and overused since the 1960s. These are especially complex times, and therefore require something more sophisticated than simply shouting one’s grievances in large public gatherings.

Stimulus check outrage

In 2020, the US faced an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing and mask rules should have been the order of the day beginning in March. That would have kept businesses open and the economy running.

But politicians throughout the United States responded in the least creative way possible: by ordering the total shutdown of entire sectors of the economy.

You all know how I love to pick on liberal Democrats. But here in Ohio, my Republican governor, Mike DeWine, also ordered blanket closures, based on the advice of others.

For several months last spring, Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton seemed to be our de facto governor. A small creative firm in Ohio even made an admittedly humorous video about the situation, based on the opening theme of Laverne & Shirley. (For my younger readers: Laverne & Shirley was a 1970s sitcom.)

Funny in April, not so funny now.

But the shutdown quickly ceased to be a laughing matter, as millions of people were thrown out of work by government decree.

Here’s the problem: When the government takes away people’s livelihood, people expect the government to provide them with a paycheck.

And here’s the problem with that: It isn’t sustainable, even with the fuzziest of fuzzy math.

Given the holdup with the latest (unsustainable) round of stimulus checks, Americans who were thrown out of work by the shutdown are agitated. They’ve recently taken out their frustrations by vandalizing the homes of both Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. (They were no doubt joined by some Antifa goons, who are always looking for an excuse to destroy something.)

This past spring, politicians of both parties forgot a cardinal rule of health and economics: No nation can maintain its healthcare system, or even its basic standard of living, if it destroys its economy.

Or, as someone once said, “The cure cannot be worse than the disease.”

Mayor Wheeler: better late than never

Like many liberal Democratic politicians, Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler initially tried to walk a fine line of accommodation with the anarchists who took over our cities this past summer.

Law-abiding citizens paid the price, with soaring crime rates, and (in the cases of Seattle and Portland), the total breakdown of civic order in many urban areas.

More than six months later, Mayor Wheeler has finally realized the hard truth: There is a group of hardcore leftwing extremists who are not interested in “dialogue” or “finding common ground”.

For that matter, they don’t even have any concrete goals, other than anarchy and destruction. They made this clear from the outset—with both their words and their actions.

Mayor Wheeler says, “It’s time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community.”

It was high time for that in June. But better late than never.