Bumble, bikinis, and bralettes

Bumble is a dating app where women make the first move. That might actually make sense, since women have a supply-and-demand advantage in the dating world. 

But it seems that Bumble is rather uptight about what it allows its female members to wear in their profile pics:

Dating platform Bumble will not review its policy on indoor bikini photos despite recent criticism

“The online dating platform, which launched in 2014, has confirmed that it will not be reconsidering its current rules against posting indoor swimsuit photos despite recent controversy surrounding a user wearing a bralette…”

Well, thanks a lot, killjoy. Apparently Playboy model Tahlia Paris’s photos were removed by Bumble moderators not long ago for violating some version of the policy.

It sounds like the Bumble moderators need to lighten up a bit. 

Meanwhile, I will confess that I was previously unaware of the term “bralette”. Apparently that’s a bra without all the wire framing, and one can purchase them on Amazon