Biden’s Klobuchar dilemma

A crisis of Biden’s own making…

In his search for a viable running mate, Joe Biden seems to be leaning toward Amy Klobuchar. This has met with a mixed reaction.

The media continues to beat the drum of Stacey Abrams; but Abrams has few real qualifications to be VPOTUS. Even Biden probably recognizes this.

The Democratic Party’s African American and Latino base, meanwhile, is notably unenthusiastic about Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar is too Midwestern, too bourgeois soccer mom, and (not to put too fine a point on it) too white. As in Wonder Bread.

“Black and Latino Groups and Leaders Want Anyone but Amy Klobuchar for Biden’s Vice President”

Kamala Harris, once the favorite, is on the back burner. Harris is a typical Democratic Party demagogue, but she’s no fool. She probably recognizes that Joe Biden is a lost cause. She may already be planning on another run herself in 2024, when the Democratic Party will face Mike Pence. If that’s her thinking, then Kamala Harris has little to gain by going down in flames with Joe Biden this November.

Joe Biden backed himself into a corner, by vowing to pick a running mate based first on genitalia, and then on qualifications and fit.

Cory Booker would have made a solid running mate for Joe. Booker is African American. He’s liberal, but capable of running to the center. Booker isn’t as goofy as Beto or Elizabeth Warren. And he’s qualified on paper.

But Cory Booker, alas, is a dude, and therefore excluded from consideration.

This is Biden’s dilemma: If he goes with Stacey Abrams, he’ll forfeit the vote of anyone who isn’t a diehard leftwinger. If Biden picks Klobuchar, he’ll stir up the racial tensions that always simmer just below the surface of the fractious and identity politics-obsessed Democratic Party.

Whichever choice Biden makes, he really can’t win. But this is a dilemma of his own making.