Biden’s AOC blunder

Biden Taps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Craft Climate-Change Policy

From David Harsanyi of National Review:

In an effort to repair the frayed relationship among Democratic Party factions, Joe Biden has created something of a Menshevik–Bolshevik “campaign unity task force” to explore policy initiatives on issues like climate change.

There went Biden’s claim to the moderate vote, the swing vote, and the “disaffected Republican” vote.

But then, Biden, a centrist Democrat for most of his career, has been steadily moving to the left since he tied up the nomination.

Biden realizes that he is an old white male in a party that blames old white males for all problems under the sun, both real and imagined. His only hope of bringing out the leftwing vote in November is to convince the Democratic Party’s moonbat faction that he’s drunk the Kool-Aid.

There could be no other reason for tapping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for such an important post. AOC, let us not forget, is a first-term, junior member of the House of Representatives. She is significant only because some progressive journalists at CNN decided that she was significant in 2018. 

AOC brings no special environmental expertise to the table. There are 535 members of Congress, let us not forget. Roughly half of them are Democrats. Does anyone really believe that Biden couldn’t have picked someone with deeper environmental credentials?

This is a cynical sop to the Bernie Sanders faction, plain and simple. 

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