Biden tells black people how to be black

You tell ’em, Joe!

Joe Biden gave white America yet another message in racial sensitivity the other day. He told African American interviewer Charlemagne tha God that African American voters torn between him and President Trump “ain’t black”. (So it turned out to be a grammar lesson, too, I guess.) The implication here clearly being that as a hack for the bottomlessly corrupt Democratic Party, Biden should be the African American voter’s hands-down choice.

(CNN, the media wing of the Democratic Party, chose to ignore this story, of course. But sooner or later, CNN will actually have to run stories on Biden, and how he performs in public. That will be painful for the folks over there.)

Biden embodies the typical presumptuousness of the white progressive. White progressives see themselves as the saviors of African Americans, and the betters of other whites.

Why? Because the white progressive virtue-signals a contrived interest in African Americans at every opportunity. That’s why. But as we see here, all that contrived concern quickly turns to resentment when an African American says, “No thanks, dude.” Few people want to be someone else’s political cause, or virtue-signaling object.

I respect all individuals according to their individual merits; but you’ll never catch me presuming to speak for African Americans (or any other demographic that I don’t belong to.) African Americans can—and will—speak for themselves.

Likewise, I’m respectful on Martin Luther King Day, but I don’t try to pretend (to either myself or to others) that the holiday means more to me than it actually does.

If you’re a white progressive, you need to learn that African American issues aren’t about you. You don’t get to tell African Americans how to think, or how to vote.

That’s just the way it is…no matter how much you profess to “care”.