Beto’s language woes

Poor Beto! First the left calls him sexist, because he appreciatively jokes that his wife bears most of their family’s childrearing duties. Now he’s taking heat from the right, for a subtle difference in the verbiage used on his Spanish-language campaign site:

Hours after O’Rourke announced he would run for president, the former Democratic congressman’s website became a focal point for many of his critics. In particular, some pointed out perceived differences between his English and Spanish websites.

The English version has the slogan “Beto for America.” while the Spanish version reads, “Beto para todos,” which translates to “Beto for all.”

I’m inclined to give Beto a pass on this one. In the Spanish language, the phrase, “para todos” appears much more frequently than does the equivalent phrase in English–especially in political campaigns.

That said, this will not be the last incidence of a Democratic Party candidate’s Spanish-language website falling under scrutiny. The Democratic Party has positioned itself as the party of open borders…so this will be an “issue” moving forward.

Spanish, moreover, is a not a secret code for the Democratic Party. Plenty of conservatives speak and read it, as Beto has just discovered.