Bengals fever in Cincinnati

I will confess that I am not much of a spectator sports fan. This isn’t the same as saying that I hate them, or that I look down on you if spectator sports are your thing. (I’m all for sports, mind you; but I prefer doing them as opposed to watching others do them.)

Nevertheless, the Cincinnati Bengals have been performing well over the past few years…or so I gather from what I see in the news.

Today the Bengals play in the AFC championship game in Kansas City. If they win that game, it’s on to the Super Bowl, just like last year. (The Bengals narrowly lost the 2022 Super Bowl to the Rams.)

If the Bengals win today, the local news will contain nothing but Bengals talk for the next week, barring an alien invasion. (And even then, it might be a toss-up.) Rabid Bengals fans will become endearingly annoying, as they assume that every friend, relative, acquaintance, and stranger is just as enthusiastic about the Bengals as they are.

Nevertheless, I hope that the Bengals do win the big game today. Another trip to the Super Bowl would be good for the local economy here in Cincinnati, especially the downtown bars and restaurants. 

And as we all know, there has been precious little in the news for people to feel unequivocally joyful about since the beginning of 2020. 

If the Bengals win, I will share in the celebration, even if I’m not quite as emotionally invested as the diehard fans are.

So, who-dey, as they say here in Cincinnati.