Ben Sasse and the howling mob at the University of Florida

Ben Sasse made a visit today to the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, upon his nomination to the presidency of that institution. (Sasse is expected to resign his Senate seat in December.)

A group of leftist student groups, the UF Communists among them, organized a shrieking melee. By the end of the event, Sasse literally found himself in flight from the screeching, gibbering students (I use that noun very loosely here).

I have no opinion regarding Ben Sasse’s suitability for the post; nor do I care one whit, particularly, who becomes the next University of Florida president. Nor have I ever even counted myself much of a Ben Sasse fan.

That said, we have set a dangerous precedent in recent years: allowing small, vocal mobs to determine, often with the threat of physical violence, who will be allowed on campus and who will not. The American university now practices mobocracy in its purest form. 

Want proof? Just look at what happened in Gainesville today.

A final word on this matter. It isn’t my place to play Monday morning quarterback for Sasse. I wasn’t there, after all. I would have had a lot more respect for him, though, had he stood his ground and told the hooligans to take a long collective walk from a short pier. Somebody should, after all.