Antifa promotes Andy Ngo’s book for free

During the riot season of this past summer, I became aware of Andy Ngo, a youngish independent journalist who covered the thuggish antics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters…er, I mean “peaceful protestors who engaged in arson, looting, and random assaults”.

I occasionally watched Ngo’s videos on Twitter and YouTube. I admired his willingness to walk into screaming crowds of leftwing maniacs with obvious psychological and hygiene issues. This past summer, Ngo showed the destruction in American cities that the mainstream media outlets simply wouldn’t. Kudos to him.

What I didn’t know was that Andy Ngo had written a book, which will come out next month: Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. (You can preorder the book now, if you’d like.)

Like I said, I’d only been tangentially aware of Ngo up to this point. But that all changed, thanks to his opponents.

A group of ungainly, socially maladroit Antifa protesters (is there any other kind?) made a sustained fuss in front of Powell’s Books in Portland recently.

Why? The bookstore was taking preorders of Andy Ngo’s book.

No one ever said the Antifa folks were smart. They figured that the best way to bury Andy Ngo’s book was to…shout about Andy Ngo’s book in the middle of the street. Make sure everyone knows about it! And since Ngo’s book is about “Antifa radicals”, they decided to engage in some promotional street theater, just for him.

The bad news is: Powell’s in Portland did decide to give into pressure from the lunatics, rather than answering them with pepper spray. But that may be the price of doing business in Portland, which has become a magnet for leftwing moonbats in recent years.

But Powell’s is only one bookstore; and with his unpaid street theater Antifa marketing team, word about the book is making the rounds on the Internet.  At the time of this writing, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy is at #4 on Amazon. Hoo-rah.

AT AMAZON: Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy

Like I said, no one ever said these gibbering jackasses were smart. Being totally unoriginal, they’ve decided to condemn Ngo and his book as “Nazi” and “white supremacist”. That’s at least two shades of dumb.

The unintentional humor of Antifa: “Andy Ngo’s book is nazi propaganda”

Andy Ngo, first of all, is Vietnamese. I’ve never heard of a Southeast Asian Nazi or a Vietnamese white supremacist. That sounds like the lead-in to a cornball joke. (“An Asian white supremacist and a rabbi both walk into a bar…”)

Secondly, everyone has seen those images of the actual, historical Nazis burning books. So what do the radical leftists do? They bully a bookstore. Once again, not very bright.

Antifa weren’t the first book burners, and are unlikely to be the last…

Even Democrats like Ted Wheeler have had enough of the Antifa hoodlums. These ding-dongs aren’t motivated by politics. They’re motivated by their own low social status, and their inability to succeed at virtually anything else.

These are the kids (many now well into their thirties) who have been bitter losers their entire lives. Rejection and social dysfunction are written all over their scowling faces, and woven into their blue and pink hair.

These are the boys and girls who were always picked last for everything. They’re mad at themselves, mad at the world, mad at you, and they want to take it out on the nearest convenient target.

This time, the nearest convenient target was a bookstore in Portland, Oregon. Truth be told, they probably don’t even care about Andy Ngo’s book. But focusing attention on Ngo’s book will save them from the far more painful task of focusing on themselves. In addition to providing Andy Ngo with unpaid marketing, they’ve given the rest of us an object lesson in Abnormal Psychology 101.


Note: Before someone sends me an email, I realize that “Antifa” is an idea, not a formal organization.

But “Antifa” is a convenient shorthand for “motley band of unwashed, babbling attention-whores, comprised of effeminate and/or obese men (often with neckbeards), and masculine women whose personalities and social dysfunction provide them with 100% foolproof birth control.”

That would get tedious to write repeatedly. And so we say: “Antifa” instead.

Final tidbit: In this video, Antifa screamers denounce a random Asian man who might be Ngo, but actually isn’t.

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