Andrew Cuomo wants to restart the economy, too

Speaking in his daily press conference today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo affirmed that we need to strike a balance between coronavirus containment and restarting the economy.

In other words, we do need to restart the economy, even as we’re combatting COVID-19.

Charlie Spiering, who is associated with Breitbart, claims that Cuomo is parroting President Trump. (See tweet embedded above.)

Okay…whatever. But this (hopefully) isn’t a partisan issue. If we maintain the status quo of the last week and a half, our nation will go bankrupt. There won’t be money for hospitals, new treatments, masks, ventilators, you name it.

We’ll have civil disorder. Total chaos. 

I look for more Democrats to gradually see the inevitability of the choice before us. (As I stated today, we have to choose the “least bad choice”.)

As I also mentioned, the present “quarantine” really isn’t a quarantine. It’s a selective quarantine—that is affecting millions of businesses while leaving huge gaps.

Over the weekend, there were reports (and video) of Californians filling the beaches. Last week, college kids partied in Florida. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us are confined to our homes. 

Just a few miles from my house in suburban Cincinnati, a large evangelical church continues to hold services, while all the productive businesses around it are shut down and quarantined.

(This one, in particular, makes zero sense to me.)

We don’t have much of choice here….not unless we want the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, minus the zombies.