Amazon bans Parler

Temporarily, at least. The Washington Post claims that Amazon could take the “pro-Trump site” offline “indefinitely”. 

This seems unlikely. I do not use Parler, but as of this moment, the site still seems to be online. While Amazon’s web hosting services are doubtless among the best, they are by no stretch the only ones available. In a worst-case scenario, Parler will be able to find hosting services offshore.

Et tu, Amazon? The world’s largest bookseller has historically been a champion of the most important kind of diversity–intellectual diversity, and the free exchange of ideas. On Amazon you can buy copies of The Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. You can also purchase titles by conservative and right-of-center figures, from Ben Shapiro to Jared Taylor. 

This is the way it should be. A society that becomes too fragile, too sensitive to tolerate unpopular voices in the public square (or in the public library), is a society bound for collapse or dictatorship. Under the new administration that takes power on January 20, our society may be headed for a little of both

I want people to have free access to all ideas, both salubrious and noxious. What is the alternative, after all? A ruling class of censors, either in government, or (in this century, perhaps) in the corner offices of Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter…and Amazon.

Amazon used to be a more intellectually tolerant company. In recent years, though, Amazon has been infiltrated and converged to a certain degree by radical leftists, just like Facebook and Twitter.  According to various media reports, a group within Amazon, self-labeled “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice”, started the drive to purge Parler from Amazon’s web services servers.

There are few corporate leaders nowadays willing to stand up to the leftwing mob. Sad to see that Amazon, a company I basically like, has joined the ranks of the cowed and the cowering.

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