After COVID, travel to….Italy

Yes, Italy. Maybe even Sicily.

Sicily to subsidise post-Covid holidays as Italy considers reopening to tourists

Hey, after all of this calms down, there will be some great deals on travel to Italy. Tourism is a major part of the Italian economy, and it’s currently down by 95%, for obvious reasons. Multiple public and private entities in Italy are already working to boost travel there post-COVID-19.

There are a lot of reasons to visit Italy. 

History, architectural and natural beauty, great food.

And the language. Italian is a like a cooler version of Spanish. 

I dealt with a lot of Italian companies in the automotive and machine tool sectors. I never met an unfriendly Italian (though I’m sure there are a few). Italy seems like a place that everyone should visit at least once. (Sicily (featured in the article hyperlinked above) especially fascinates me.)

Definitely worth considering (not now, obviously, but maybe later this year).

It might be a great way to support a country that’s been hit hard by all this, AND have a great trip at the same time. Give it some thought. 

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