About ‘Venetian Springs’

Venetian Springs is a new crime serial here at Edward Trimnell Books:

Two couples—one idealistic, the other criminal. A ruthless drug kingpin. A gym bag filled with heroin and cash.

They all come together one night at a casino called Venetian Springs.

Mark and Gina Baxter, two married public high school teachers, are down on their luck. When the Venetian Springs Casino & Resort offers them a free suite and some “free” gambling money, they decide to take the casino up on the deal.

After all, they may strike it rich.

But as every experienced gambler knows: “the house always wins”. The Baxters’ evening at the casino doesn’t go as planned.

Then Mark and Gina’s paths intersect with Jim Garrett and Eve Mosley, a lawless pair who are on the run from a murderous Mexican cartel.

Jim and Eve pitch the Baxters a way out; but their promises turn out to be lies. By the end of the night, Mark and Gina Baxter find themselves going for broke, and fighting for their lives.

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