A girl’s brush with history…in the form of Joe Biden

“No serious guys until you’re 30,” the American president told a 13-year-old girl, as he caressed her shoulders. Nothing creepy or weird about that, of course.

This recent incident at Irvine Valley Community College in California has become yet another bizarre episode in the ongoing history of the Joe Biden years…which we hope American voters will cut blessedly short in 2024.

This incident got me thinking, though, about some past presidential interactions within my own family.

No–no one in my family has ever been fondled by Joe Biden. But there have been more innocuous, chance encounters with American commanders-in-chief.

During the mid-1960s, my mom was a secretary for the Cincinnati-based lawyer Charles W. Sawyer, who served as Harry S. Truman’s Secretary of Commerce. Sawyer handled Truman’s legal affairs after they both left Washington. My mom occasionally talked to former President Truman on the phone when he called in.  I thought that was sort of a big deal, when I first heard about it. 

In 1967, while serving with the US Army in South Korea, my dad briefly shared space with President Lyndon Baines Johnson. He even took a snapshot of LBJ.

I thought that was a big deal, too. I could care less about meeting vapid celebrities. A US president, though—regardless of party—is a part of history.


But no presidential moment compares to receiving unrequested romantic advice from a 79-year-old man when you’re 13. And a shoulder rub thrown in, to boot. No wonder America is viewed as the land of opportunity. 

I’m sure this young lady will be telling her grandchildren about her brush with Joe Biden someday…or perhaps she’ll prefer to put this close encounter with history behind her (?) I rather suspect the latter.