A banker or a sex worker?

Which one would you rather be? Well…maybe it depends on the bank’s 401K and dental plan (?)

After a conservative Canadian MP declared that no woman would willingly become a sex worker, banker-turned-sex-worker Madison Winter wrote this rebuttal.Ā Au contraire, she said, citing her own journey from a corporate finance career into escorting.

I’m not here to cheerlead for sex work, but I see her point. It’s somewhat contradictory to state that women have complete agency on one hand, while simultaneously depicting women as hapless victims, who will be constantly exploited if someone isn’t protecting them at every turn.

Likewise, I think we can agree that most women wouldn’t be interested in becoming sex workers. But anyone who claims to speak for “all women”—or “all” of any demographic—is standing on shaky ground from the outset.