The Gary Hart scandal, 1987

It was May 1987, and the USA was gearing up for a presidential election.

Trump wasn’t running. Donald Trump was still a real estate developer in New York City, and still married to his first wife, Ivana Trump. 

Ronald Reagan was nearing the end of his second term. George H.W. Bush, his vice president, was Reagan’s heir-apparent. 

The Democrats, out of office for two presidential terms, were looking for a new standard-bearer. The likely favorite was Gary Hart, a 51-year-old Senator from Colorado. Continue reading “The Gary Hart scandal, 1987”

COVID-19 modeling wars

There seems to be no real consensus among experts regarding the COVID-19 models that were used to justify nationwide lockdowns in the United States and Britain:

Imperial College model Britain used to justify lockdown a ‘buggy mess’, ‘total unreliable’, experts claim

I repeat: This doesn’t make the coronavirus a “hoax”. COVID-19 is a very real virus that is harmless, moderately serious, or fatal, depending on the individual.  Continue reading “COVID-19 modeling wars”

Biden’s AOC blunder

Biden Taps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Craft Climate-Change Policy

From David Harsanyi of National Review:

In an effort to repair the frayed relationship among Democratic Party factions, Joe Biden has created something of a Menshevik–Bolshevik “campaign unity task force” to explore policy initiatives on issues like climate change.

There went Biden’s claim to the moderate vote, the swing vote, and the “disaffected Republican” vote.

But then, Biden, a centrist Democrat for most of his career, has been steadily moving to the left since he tied up the nomination. Continue reading “Biden’s AOC blunder”

Audiobooks while you mow

Or podcasts, for that matter. Or music.

I’ve been writing recently in this space about audiobooks. The other day I described how I enjoyed re-experiencing Watership Down via audio

Here’s the problem, though: ordinary earbuds don’t provide sufficient hearing protection while you’re mowing the lawn. Nor are you likely to hear much of what you’re listening to, unless you only want to listen to KISS and AC/DC. Continue reading “Audiobooks while you mow”