Biden’s anti-Trump (Republican) outreach

Biden campaign reaches out to ‘disaffected Republicans,’ who reach right back

That was, of course, the grand argument for Biden’s nomination in the first place. Being a relative moderate within the Democratic Party, Biden will be able to reach swing voters—who will presumably include some disaffected Republicans (code for: Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump): Continue reading “Biden’s anti-Trump (Republican) outreach”

The WSJ on Barack Obama and Michael Flynn

President Trump’s personal style is not my style. Nor was he my first choice. (I voted for John Kasich in the 2016 GOP primaries.)

Nevertheless, we have only two choices in November. And I have come to believe that the Democratic Party poses an existential threat to the United States—with its embrace of socialism, anti-Americanism, divisive identity politics, and undemocratic, deep-state corruption. 

I would not have said this of the Democratic Party of 1980, or even 2000. I would say this about the Democratic Party of Barack Obama, and the Democratic leadership that has taken over since his presidency. Continue reading “The WSJ on Barack Obama and Michael Flynn”