After COVID, travel to….Italy

Yes, Italy. Maybe even Sicily.

Sicily to subsidise post-Covid holidays as Italy considers reopening to tourists

Hey, after all of this calms down, there will be some great deals on travel to Italy. Tourism is a major part of the Italian economy, and it’s currently down by 95%, for obvious reasons. Multiple public and private entities in Italy are already working to boost travel there post-COVID-19.

There are a lot of reasons to visit Italy. 

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Obama’s partisan spin on the COVID-19 pandemic

Well, boys and girls, here’s a shocker, as reported by the media wing of the Democratic Party (also known as CNN):

Obama says White House response to coronavirus has been ‘absolute chaotic disaster’

This was CNN, so of course the coverage of former President Obama was fawning and unquestioning. 

This is also an election year, during one of the most politically divisive periods of American history. Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, is President Trump’s presumed opponent in the general election in November.

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Will drive-in movies make a comeback?

Drive-in movie theaters hope to usher in comeback for entertainment sector

I have only childhood memories of the drive-in. Back in the early 1970s, I would occasionally attend with my parents. 

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Social media, the face, and vanity, insecurity

This seems like the kind of article that could only come from a Millennial staff writer at CNN, Huffington Post, or Slate. (It came from Hannah Lack, a writer at CNN. I don’t know if she’s a Millennial; but I have my suspicions.):

Why the pressure to change our faces has never been higher

The article is filled with quotes from Jessica Hefland, the author of Face: A Visual Odyssey.

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