Gyms, dithering DeWine, and the long Ohio shutdown

Governor Mike DeWine, the governor of my state, doesn’t strike me as much of gym rat.

So far, the dithering DeWine has set reopening dates for restaurants, bars, hair salons, and general retail.

But no date for gyms and fitness centers so far!

I was wondering when the media was going to notice. They finally have: Continue reading “Gyms, dithering DeWine, and the long Ohio shutdown”

Why the universal basic income (UBI) won’t work

It’s not about the Protestant work ethic; it’s about economics.

Three left-leaning senators have introduced a bill to grant a regular, taxpayer-funded income to all Americans in order to combat the negative economic effects of the COVID-19 shutdown.

This Senate trio is comprised of two names you’ve heard of—Kamala Harris of California, and Bernie Sanders of Vermont—as well as one who might have escaped your notice, Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

Harris and Markey are both Democrats. Bernie Sanders is an independent democratic socialist who identifies as a liberal Democrat when it’s convenient (like when he wants to run for president).

Their plan would provide two thousand dollars per person, to all Americans. So a family of four would get $8,000 per month, directly from the government, just like a paycheck. Continue reading “Why the universal basic income (UBI) won’t work”

Flynn and the “Russia” narrative: a dog that will no longer hunt

Gregg Jarrett: Ending Michael Flynn prosecution exposes and destroys Trump-Russia collusion hoax”

What the Michael Flynn case has shown us, first of all, is that there is an entrenched, politicized federal bureaucracy with its own agenda (otherwise known as a “Deep State”).

But another outcome is the collapse of a three-year-old narrative: That Donald Trump colluded with Russian agents and Facebook bots to steal the 2016 election, that Donald Trump is a Manchurian candidate puppet of the Kremlin, that ….[blah, blah, blah] Donald Trump and Russia [blah, blah, blah]. Continue reading “Flynn and the “Russia” narrative: a dog that will no longer hunt”