Renters, landlords, and the shutdown

Democratic ‘Squad’ members join growing chorus of calls to ‘#CancelRent’ during coronavirus crisis

As if the government hasn’t spent enough money, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are concocting a government bailout of renters and landlords throughout the country.

That would mean even more billions added to the national debt. Continue reading “Renters, landlords, and the shutdown”

Kim Yo-jong next in line?

I don’t mean to imply by the headline that she’d be a good leader mind you, I mean to imply that Kim Yo-jong might indeed be the next dictator of the benighted nation that is North Korea

Many people are dismissing the possibility. Why? Because Kim Yo-jong is young (32) and female.

I will admit to some skepticism myself on this count. Asian culture–Korean culture—is patriarchal, and venerates the aged. So Kim Yo-jong has two strikes against her. 

As one analyst said the other day, “The Me Too movement hasn’t come to North Korea yet.” Continue reading “Kim Yo-jong next in line?”

May Day and the victims of communism

Today is May Day, the most significant holiday in any country that adheres to the socio-economic system envisioned by Marx, Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Kim il-Sung, etc. 

The above video is an introduction to the Tiananmen Square massacre of June 4, 1989. I remember that. I was not there, in Beijing; but I did watch the events unfold on television. 

One of my friends, a woman my age from Vietnam, grew up under communist rule in her native land. She wants nothing to do with Marxism, or any flavor of socialism, ever again. Unsurprisingly, she was not impressed with the Bernie Sanders movement, or his assurances that somehow, his version of socialism would be “democratic”. (As my friend knows, Marxists always say that—until they get into power.) Continue reading “May Day and the victims of communism”

Recalling Mark H. McCormack’s career books

Among the more influential of the many self-help books I read in my twenties were several titles by the late businessman Mark H. McCormack (1930~2003).

Mark McCormack was the founder of the International Management Group, or IMG. McCormack started IMG in 1960 with the idea of managing the careers of professional athletes and other celebrities in an organized, profitable manner.

There is nothing revolutionary about this business model today; but it was a novel concept in 1960. The age of mass-market television was really just beginning. So, too, was the age of the paid celebrity endorsement. Today we think nothing of it when we see a famous athlete endorsing a product on television. But that market was brand-new as the 1960s began.

IMG’s first client was the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. Jack Nicklaus signed with IMG shortly after that. IMG still exists and is headquartered in New York. Continue reading “Recalling Mark H. McCormack’s career books”