3. Serial fiction at my blog: I've recently begun serializing selected new and already published fiction at my blog, One Word a Day with Ed Trimnell.

Online samples on this site

Free samples

Are you interested in my work, but want to sample it before you buy? Fair enough.

There are three ways you can go about this:

1. Sample online: You can access the sample texts and videos listed below.

2. Sample on your Kindle/phone/tablet: Perhaps you would prefer a FREE sample of one of my published works delivered directly to your Kindle device or smartphone/tablet Kindle app. You can accomplish this with the click of a single button on Amazon. 

​All you have to do is navigate to the sales page of any of my Kindle books. On the far right side of the page you'll find a "Send a free sample" button. 

Push this button and a sample of the book (I believe the standard sample size is about 10%) will be sent to your Kindle device.​ This is completely free, and you will  still have the option of buying the complete book if you enjoy the sample.

Creative samples on demand, or "How do I know I'll like your books?"